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What's the e-LIR

The Lexicon Istoric Retic (LIR) is the first specialized encyclopedia for Raeto-Romance-speaking Switzerland. Raeto-Romance is the fourth national language of Switzerland and is mainly spoken in the Swiss canton of the Grisons (GraubŁnden). The internet version of the LIR – the e-LIR – is a comprehensive information medium available free of charge to all interested.



The objective of the LIR is to depict the development of the Raeto-Romance and Grisons area, i.e. the canton in which three languages are spoken on a daily basis as well as some immediately bordering regions, as comprehensively as possible in all facets of history and culture.



The LIR contains biographies and articles about places, families and many special subjects. It therefore corresponds to the concept of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz). However, it is not merely a translation of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland, but rather an independent work. Many of the articles on special subjects, particularly those dealing with the history of the Grisons and Raeto-Romance culture, were written especially for the LIR and are to be found only there. The focal point confers a relevance to the LIR which extends beyond Raeto-Romance-speaking Switzerland.



The LIR and the e-LIR appear exclusively in Rumantsch Grischun, the common written language in Raeto-Romance-speaking Switzerland. The Lia Rumantscha, the umbrella organization of the Raeto-Romance language and cultural societies, is responsible for the linguistic correctness.

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